Application for Repair of Failing Septic/OWTS (LU76)

When submitting for a repair to an existing Septic/Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS), please provide the following:

  1. A completed Land Use Service Application
  2. Three (3) copies of site plan with proposed repairs.
  3. Site consultation to be scheduled after processing of application and payment of applicable fees
  4. An (As-built) can be obtained to evaluate the existing Septic/OWTS location and design.
  5. If a septic pumpers report has been obtained, provide a copy for review.

The Septic/OWTS permit must be issued prior to start of septic construction.

NOTE: All applicable fees must be paid in full prior to any services provided by DEH (inspections, plan reviews, approvals, etc.). Additional fees and requirements may apply. Projects/Submittals are reviewed in the order received. A pumpers report may be requested.

Image showing a property getting new septic pipes installed in the backyard

Applicable fees:






Septic/OWTS Repair (> 50% of system)



Septic/OWTS Repair (< 50% of system)



Septic/OWTS Repair - Alternative System



Consultation/Additional Field Time (hourly)

We will not begin any work until all the items noted above and payment are received.

Please forward all large/over-sized site-maps and necessary documents to the following:

County of Santa Clara – DEH
RE: (Project number, once assigned)
1555 Berger Drive #300
San Jose, CA  95112

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