Food Safety Program

Food Safety

The food safety program monitors all retail food facilities in the county to ensure a safe and wholesome food supply for the public. Food facilities include restaurants, markets, bakeries, liquor stores, bars, wineries, schools, homeless shelters, certified farmers' market, food service at fairs and festivals, catering trucks, hot dog carts, ice cream trucks, produce vehicles, and food vending machines.

The food program conducts routine and follow-up inspections, investigates complaints and suspected foodborne illnesses, carries-out food recalls, conducts multi-lingual food safety classes, conducts plan reviews for new and remodeled facilities, and issues permits.

Food inspector smiling while on the job

Numerous legislative bills pertaining to food service were recently passed in California.  The Department of Environmental Health is committed to keeping you informed on how this will affect food preparation in the County.  We will update this page as details on implementation are determined, so please check back here frequently.

New - Legislation Related to Food Service​​​

Permit Application & Fees

Placarding and Scoring Program

Required Certifications


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