Food/Pool Plan Check Program

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We have expanded our plan review process and can now accept most project submittals through email. We are still accepting physical plan submittals. If you have any questions, or to submit your project, please email us at [email protected]. All digital submittals are reviewed for completeness, file format, and invoiced.  Please note that projects do not enter the review queue until these steps are completed and all invoice fees are paid.

When submitting electronically, please email the plan check application, checklist, menu, the plans and all supporting documents to [email protected]. Supporting documents are listed in the Plan Check Checklist and vary by the scope of the project.

All electronic submittal files must be in PDF format. On rare occasions, we may still require submittal of printed copies to conduct the review. This is usually only when projects are very large or very complex.

The Plan Review and Construction Unit works to ensure that all retail food facilities and recreational health facilities meet minimum health and safety standards while ensuring the functionality, flow, and ease of use for consumers and operators alike. This is achieved through the review of plans for proposed new construction, remodel projects, and equipment changes. Site inspections are also conducted by the unit as a part of the plan check process to verify compliance with the drawn plans.

Plan Check review and approval is required for each of the following before remodeling or construction may begin:

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  • Construction of any food facility, mobile food facility, or recreational health facility (e.g., pool/spa)
  • Remodel or significant menu change of an existing food facility, mobile food facility, or recreational health facility
  • Installation, replacement or modification of any equipment including, but not limited to, cooking equipment, preparation equipment, ventilation hoods, water heaters, floors/walls/ceilings, plumbing, sinks, etc.
  • Installation of any vending machine which contains any amount of potentially hazardous foods

Plans that have been stamped by this office must be picked up within 10 business days following the emailed notice of availability from this office. Plans that have not been picked up within 10 business days will be considered abandoned and will be destroyed/discarded. Re-stamping new plans, because they were not picked up during this time, may require payment of additional fees. Please check your email regularly after submitting your approved plans for stamping so that you have adequate time to arrange pickup and avoid additional fees and/or delays. All plans (full set) must be picked up at the same time - stamped sets will not be split.

For general inquiries or to schedule a consultation, site assessment, or plan check inspection, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (408) 918-3400 Monday through Friday between 7:30am and 4:30pm. To assist you with technical questions, a Plan Checker is available by phone during these hours on a first come-first served basis Monday through Friday.

No business transactions, payments, or project submittals will be processed after 4:15pm. Transactions submitted after 4:15pm will be processed the following business day.

Additional information regarding the plan submittal process, fees, and minimum requirements can be found at the links below.

Please see our individual program pages for information on permitting, inspections, and operations at Retail Food Facilities, Vending Machines, and Recreational Health facilities.

A plan check exemption may apply for new food facilities with less than 300sq.ft. of sales display area selling prepackaged non-potentially hazardous food. For more information or to apply, complete the Food Facility Exempt from Plan Check packet and submit to [email protected].

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