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Our Mission:
The mission of the Consumer Protection Division (CPD) is to promote, protect, and assure conditions for optimal health and public safety for residents and communities by educating the public and enforcing local, state, and federal environmental health laws and regulations.

What we do:
The Division monitors and protects a variety of basic human needs –ensuring safe food, water, and sewage disposal –which are needs that affect the health and safety of our community every day.

We achieve this goal by reviewing construction plans, permitting, inspecting, monitoring, and investigating public complaints related to:

  • Public  food facilities including but not limited to restaurants, café’s, bakeries, coffee shops, mobile trucks and carts, temporary food facilities and certified farmers’ markets
  • Public swimming pools, spas, and water parks
  • Onsite wastewater treatment systems (septic systems)
  • Detention facilities, shelters, and organized camps
  • State Small Water Systems

CPD also provides the following services countywide:

  • Complaint investigations for childhood lead exposure, swimming pools, food facilities, and food borne illness outbreaks.
  • Permit and inspect cottage food operators
  • Advice on Radon, Psittacosis and Mold
  • Food Safety Certification and Training

The following services are provided only in the unincorporated areas:

  • Investigations for noise complaints
  • Permit and inspections of retail tobacco markets 

Please use the Programs and Services tab for more information, or contact us for additional inquiries. 


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