MFF Change of Ownership

Mobile Food Facilities (MFFs) with a County of Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health (DEH) permit that are changing or have changed ownership, require the following prior to scheduling an inspection:

  1. Completed and signed MFF Application Packet (NOTE: Commissary Agreement not required for produce vehicles)
  2. DMV Registrations
    1. Lease/rental agreement will be required if MFF operation is not registered to current business owner
    2. Push carts may be exempt
  3. Menu (include ingredients).
  4. Occupied Vehicles: A State of California Department of Housing and Community Development Insignia is required. Contact HCD at (916) 255-2501.
  5. For any changes/modifications to vehicle, provide a list of changes and manufacturer specification sheets (NOTE: DEH will notify you if Plan Review will be required.)

Once you have submitted all of the above to DEH, you may then schedule your change of ownership inspection appointment.

For occupied MFFs, we recommend scheduling inspections about two (2) months prior to start of operation.

For non-occupied MFFs, we recommend scheduling inspections about two (2) weeks prior to start of operation

Department of Environmental Help Sample Decals

Please note that permits expire at the end of the month of every year, the month it expires is punched out on the permit decal affixed to the back of the vehicle. The permit expiration date is also indicated on the paper permit that is mailed, once the annual renewal inspection is passed.

Please note permits are not transferable, and the annual permit fee will be due after passing the inspection.

Annual permit fees:


Program Element


Mobile Food Facility – No Food Prep



Mobile Food Facility – Limited Food Prep



Mobile Food Facility – Full Food Prep



NOTE: Our transaction hours for submittals or payments are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:15 pm. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled inspection, you may be asked to reschedule. Please be prepared to wait in the event the inspection prior to your appointment runs longer than expected. Inspections are subject to change.

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