MFF Commissary Change

A commissary is food facility that services MFF and provides the following:

  • Storage and replenishment of food, containers, or supplies
  • Preparation or packaging of food for sale or service at other locations
  • Warewashing facilities where utensils are cleaned and sanitized
  • Disposal of garage, refuse, liquid, and solid waste
  • Potable water. Water shall be hot and cold, under pressure
  • Servicing/cleaning areas that are sloped and drained to an approved wastewater system
  • Storage of MFF to protect from unsanitary conditions
  • Electrical outlets to power equipment

MFF shall report to commissary daily, unless serviced by a Mobile Support Unit (MSU shall be permitted by DEH)


Before changing your commissary(ies), please submit new Commissary Agreement form(s) to [email protected] for review and approval.  You may move to the new facility once the location has been approved by DEH.  Please use "MFF Commissary Change" in the subject line of your email.


The use of an unapproved facility for any part of the mobile food operation is subject to immediate suspension of your mobile food facility permit to operate and may lead to the revocation of your permit to operate.

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