Wet Weather Window

​The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) oversees wet weather groundwater investigations to verify adequate separation between the bottom of a dispersal field and seasonal high groundwater. 

The wet weather window will open for a 30-day period when at least 60% of historical seasonal average rainfall has occurred, and 14% of that average has occurred in the last 30 days.  The window will be extended for two-week periods provided that at the end of each testing period, at least 14% of historical seasonal average rainfall has occurred in the previous 30 days.

The following table will be updated periodically in the event that a wet weather window is opened:

​Region Status​ Start Date End Date​​
​North County ​Open ​2-7-19 ​4-8-19
​South County ​Open 2-7-19 4-23-19
​East Valley ​Open ​3-22-19 4-23-19
​West Valley ​Open 3-8-19 4-8-19

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