About CPD

The Consumer Protection Division (CPD) provides educational, consultative, inspection, plan review, and permitting services in a number of program areas including: retail foods, mobile trucks and carts, temporary events and farmers markets, public swimming pools, land development (including drinking water supplies and onsite sewage disposal systems), noise control, and environmental lead contamination.

The largest program within CPD is food safety, with more than 10,221 retail food facilities under permit which includes onsite eating and drinking establishments, off sale food establishments, and food vehicles.

CPD has jurisdiction in the fifteen incorporated cities within Santa Clara County and a number of smaller, unincorporated communities. The CPD Food Safety Program monitors retail food facilities countywide, including restaurants, markets, bakeries, bars, food vehicles, farmer’s markets, street fairs, and festivals,. We also investigate complaints of foodborne illness, conduct food safety training, and carry out food product recalls.

There are about 3213 swimming pools, spas, water slides, and tubs.

The total county population served is about 1.86 million, with about a million residing in San Jose, our largest city.

CPD staff includes a CPD Director, two Program Managers, three Supervisors, 18 Senior Specialists, 37 District Environmental Health Specialists, and a Permit Technician.

CPD is the recipient of the 2003 Samuel J. Crumbine award for excellence in food protection.

Photo of the Samuel J. Crumbine Award medal

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