Application for Remodel of Recreational Health Facility

When submitting to obtain constructionapproval from Department of Environmental Health (DEH) for a remodel of a recreational health facility (pool and/or spa), please provide the following:  

  1. A completed Plan Check Application
  2. Completed Pool Plan Check Checklist
  3. One (1) complete, legible, and bound set of proposed design/plans to scale (1/4 inch scale). To include the following:
    1. Equipment Plan
    2. Finish Schedule
    3. Plumbing
    4. Copy of current annual Environmental Health Permit
    5. Vicinity map showing location of pool(s), spa(s) and pump room
  4. Samples of unique material being used.
  5. Written scope of work
  6. Cut-sheets/Manufacturers’ Specification Sheets of proposed equipment

After plans have been reviewed and approved, a submittal of two (2) additional sets will be required for stamping. Once all plans have been stamped, you will be required to submit the two (2) sets of plans to the applicable jurisdiction’s Planning/Building Department to obtain construction permits. (The total number of sets submitted to DEH is three, which includes: DEH Copy, Job Copy, and Planning/Building Department Copy. DEH does NOT issue permits for construction.)

NOTE: Separate Plan Check Applications and fees will be required per body of water. All applicable fees must be paid in full prior to any services provided by DEH (inspections, plan review, approvals, etc.) Additional fees and requirements may apply. All plans are reviewed in the order received. DEH has 30-calendar days to review all submittals (new and/or revisions).

Applicable Fees:

For applicable Plan Check fees, see DEH Fee Schedule. Please be sure to only review the Plan Check portion of the fee schedule, as other fees listed may NOT apply to plan review and construction.

We will not begin any work until all the items noted above and payment are received.

Please submit plans and necessary documents to the following:

County of Santa Clara
Department of Environmental Health
1555 Berger Drive
Bldg #2, Suite #300
San Jose, CA  95112

Submittal Hours:
7:30 am - 4:15 pm
Monday through Friday

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