Newly Constructed or Remodeled MFFS

MFF that require Plan Review include the following:

  • New construction
  • Never permitted by an Environmental Health jurisdiction in the state of California
  • Modification/Remodel
  • Change in Menu with installation of new equipment

The following items are required to be submitted for review to obtain construction approval from DEH for your proposed MFF. Please review the MFF Plan Check Requirements for further details: 

  1. Plan Check Application

  2. One (1) complete set of drawings

  3. Complete set of manufacturer specification sheets/cut sheets. All equipment must be listed by an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Sanitation Testing Organization, i.e. NSF,ETL Sanitation Listed, UL Listed EPH, Classified UL EPH, CSA Sanitation, IAMPO Sanitation.

  4. Menu (include ingredients)

  5. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  6. Plan Review Fee

Applicable Fees:

For applicable Plan Check fees, see DEH Fee Schedule (PC30-PC32).

In addition:

  1. Review the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) construction requirements, and obtain an HCD Insignia (916-255-2501) for enclosed vehicles prior to the final inspection.
    HCD Insignia
  2. Consult with local fire and city jurisdictions (cities where you plan to operate) regarding approved generators and generator location(s).
  3. Please visit and click on UN-105 for fire code standards for mobile food facilities.

NOTE: All applicable fees must be paid in full prior to any services provided by DEH (plan review, approvals, inspection, etc.) . All plans are reviewed in the order received. DEH has 20-business days to review all submittals (new and/or revisions). You will be contacted by DEH once the project is complete to schedule the final inspection.

If requested, after plans have been reviewed and approved, an additional set of plans will be required for stamping.


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