Vendors/Temporary Food Facility Operators

​Temporary Food Facilities (TFF) or food booths are food operations that operate at approved public events.  A health permit is required to operate a TFF whenever food or beverage (unpackaged or prepackaged) is sampled, sold, prepared, or given away to the public.  Food shall be obtained from sources that comply with all applicable laws.  Food stored or prepared in a private home shall not be used or offered for sale unless that food is prepared by a cottage food operation that is registered or has a permit.  Permitted operations are inspected by the Department of Environmental Health.

Obtaining a Temporary Food Facility Permit:

  1. Complete the application, Temporary Food Facility (Vendor), located on the bottom of this page.

  2. Submit application and fee to the Event Coordinator.  The Event Coordinator must submit the completed application and fee to the Department of Environmental Health at least 2 weeks prior to the event or a 25% late fee will apply. Applications and fees sent directly to the Department may be returned.

  3. Once approved, you will receive your Temporary Food Facility Permit from the Event Coordinator.

  4. The permit must be posted at your temporary food facility (i.e. booth) at all times during operation.

Operational guides and other documents are provided below to help you prepare and operate your temporary food facility in a safe and effective manner.

Inspection Reports Posted to Website:

All inspection reports are available for public review. Currently, inspection reports for Food Facilities (restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.) are posted on our website.  Be advised that inspection reports for all Event Coordinators and Temporary Food Facilities may be posted on our website. 

For more information or questions regarding Temporary Events contact:
Suzanne Lew, REHS
Senior Environmental Health Specialist
[email protected]
(408) 918-3461

Or call (408) 918-3400 and ask to speak to Administrative Support for Temporary Events

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