Application for Repair of Failing Septic/OWTS

When submitting for a repair to an existing Septic/Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS), please provide the following to [email protected]:

  1. A completed Construction Permit Application
  2. A site plan with the proposed repairs/scope of work
  3. If a septic pumpers report has been obtained, provide a copy for review

A site consultation may be scheduled after processing of application and payment of applicable fees. Additional feasibility testing and fees may be applicable (view additional feasibility testing here). 

An (As-built) can be obtained to evaluate the existing Septic/OWTS location and design.

The Septic/OWTS permit must be issued prior to start of septic construction. DEH will not begin any work until all the items noted above and payment are received.

NOTE: All applicable fees must be paid in full prior to any services provided by DEH (inspections, plan reviews, approvals, etc.). Additional fees and requirements may apply. Projects/Submittals are reviewed in the order received. A pumpers report may be requested.  Please refer to the current DEH Fee Schedule for more information.

Image showing a property getting new septic pipes installed in the backyard

Please forward all large/over-sized site-maps and necessary documents to the following:

County of Santa Clara – DEH
RE: (Project number, once assigned)
1555 Berger Drive #300
San Jose, CA  95112

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