Public Swimming Pools and Spas Recreational Health Program

The recreational health program routinely inspects public swimming pools, including spa pools, hot tubs, and water slides to ensure the public is protected from injury and illness.

In addition, the recreational health program conducts necessary bacteriological and chemical analyses of swimming pool water, reviews the onsite water re-circulation and safety equipment, conducts plan reviews for new and remodeled pools and spas, and issues permits.

A man performing a pool inspection

Pool Enclosures

The recreational health program is conducting structural evaluations of all permitted public swimming pool enclosures in Santa Clara County. Pool enclosures include, for example, fences, gates, and/or buildings surrounding a pool or spa. The evaluation is based on requirements set forth in California Building Code section 3119B. Properly constructed and maintained pool enclosures are critical for drowning accident prevention. Click the links below for more information:


CDC Healthy Swimming


Plan Submittal Information




Additional Information

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